Why Your Choice of Location Matters When Buying a Vacation Home in the Philippines

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Your standards for buying a vacation home in the Philippines might be quite different from the wish list you might have had when you first had your main residence built. Since your principal home serves as the base of your everyday activities, you likely made it a point to choose a location that’s very close to economic and educational opportunities for the members of your family. For your second home, your considerations may not be the same. Perhaps you’re more inclined to create a holiday home with conveniences that are focused on rest and relaxation, for example. Still, your second address is a detail that merits considerable thought. These are the reasons why:

  1. The Location Dictates the Price of the Vacation Home You Want to Buy

The location of your vacation home has a big impact on the price of the property. The closer it is too big city centers and popular holiday destinations, the higher its price will likely be. A Tagaytay rest house, for example, will probably end up much smaller in comparison to a Lipa City house and lot for sale at the same price. You’re more likely to get a good deal if you check out places where there’s a reasonable demand for land. As such, if you have a set budget for your vacation home in the Philippines, it’s a smart idea to look into under-the-radar residential areas so you can get more bang for your buck.

  1. Your Holiday Activities Will Likely Be Limited to What the Location Can Offer

Your holiday home’s address can also guide you in the kinds of activities that you can do while on vacation. A property in Baguio, for example, can serve as an excellent jumping-off point for enjoying a wide range of popular summer activities without dealing with the sweltering heat. If you want a home that puts you close to the sea and mountains, there are plenty of places in Batangas that have quick access to both. In addition, it’s also quite easy to venture to other places in the country or return to the urban comforts of Metro Manila from the province’s capital city.

  1. The Location Is a Factor When Determining Your Travel Time for the Holidays

Speaking of, the length of time you spend on the road on your way to your vacation and back to your main place of residence is also partially dependent on where your secondary address is located. If your vacation home is in a popular holiday destination and there are no expressways that you can use to bypass heavy traffic during peak season, then there’s a good chance that you’ll spend several hours stuck on the road. Choosing a secondary address in a location that’s connected to highways and bypass roads will enable you to look forward to smoother and quicker journeys.

  1. Your Holiday Home’s Location Will Give You Easy Access to Local Culinary Fares

Of course, cooking for the holidays is a non-issue in your holiday home. At the same time, ordering out is likely a convenient option when you’re too busy entertaining guests and making happy memories with friends and family members. If you’re particular with your dining options, the local fare can also play a role when choosing your holiday home. If you choose to purchase a secondary residence in a place like Batangas, for instance, then you can expect to get local lomi, goto, or beef tripe soup during the holidays. Fresh seafood is also an option when you’re based so close to the sea. Likewise, a holiday home in places like Pampanga or Laguna will make it easier for you to access the said locations’ local delicacies.

  1. Your Holiday Home’s Location Is Key to the Quality of Basic Services You Can Access

Unfortunately, there are places in the Philippines where access to basic utilities and essential services remains an issue. There are areas that frequently experience water shortages and power outages or those that have poor mobile network and internet connectivity. To prevent these problems from ruining your holiday, it’s best to choose a holiday home in a residential development with alternative electricity sources and water storage facilities. Look for a master-planned community with its own solar-powered street lights and a deep well with water tanks, for starters. These features will help ensure that the streets are safe even if there’s a power outage and that the community has clean water during water shortages. With these facilities in place, you can always be assured of a comfortable staycation where all your basic needs are met.

  1. The Neighborhood Has an Impact on the Safety and Security of Your Property

The property’s safety and security are a concern, especially if it will be unoccupied most of the time. You’ll want to place your investment in a relatively safe space in order to preserve its value and maintain your peace of mind. If you were to choose a location that is prone to natural disasters, then you’ll always feel that your holiday home is at risk of incurring property damage. Likewise, if the neighborhood wherein the rest house is located has a high crime rate, you won’t be able to feel safe while you’re on a vacation. You’ll likely even worry about your holiday home while you’re in your primary residence. Choosing a holiday home in a safe area can help you avoid these worries. A home in a gated community, for example, is less accessible to the general public and is less prone to acts of vandalism. An address in such a location means that you won’t have to worry about your property while you’re away.

to Lipa City, Batangas

If you’re looking for a place where you can set up a second home, Lipa City is a pleasant, accessible location with premium properties for sale at reasonable prices. The capital city of Batangas presents a cool climate due to its elevation and is also in ideal proximity to mountains and the sea. With its rich culture and history and thriving commercial and leisure scene, the city offers plenty of exciting activities during the holiday season. Despite its charm and numerous attractions, Lipa City is less crowded than its neighbors. The traffic situation here is also much lighter, even during the holidays. Thus, it’s a convenient place for putting up a holiday home where you can kick back and relax during the weekends and on red-letter days.

Why Is a Lipa Vacation Home a strong contender for Tagaytay Rest House?

Tagaytay is a strong candidate for people who are thinking of getting a vacation home near Metro Manila. There are good reasons for this, as the city has a lot of attractive features, including its cool climate and picture-perfect views of Taal Lake. Still, it’s worth noting that Tagaytay has an oversupply of real estate property. This is an important consideration if you’re buying a rest house as a form of investment. Tagaytay rest houses can be quite expensive, but it can be difficult to sell them for a favorable price due to the intense competition in the real estate market. It’s also worth remembering that the recent eruption of Taal Volcano caused considerable damage to the properties in the area. While the situation has calmed down, for now, there’s no telling when the next volcanic activity will take place and once again threaten the properties and lives in the area.

In comparison, Lipa City vacation homes are more accessible in terms of the price range. Located some 20 kilometers from Taal Volcano, the inclusive city served as a refuge for those who were affected by the recent Taal eruption. A holiday home here is only expected to grow in value over the years due to the city’s relative safety and stability, proximity to urban comforts, and abundance of local attractions.

Set yourself up for a restful holiday each and every time by giving a lot of thought to the location of your second home in the Philippines. If you’re looking for a house and lot in a premium community in Lipa, Batangas, check out the Periveo premium community by Golden Home Realty Development, and see if it’s a good match for the holiday home you have in mind.