About our Communities

Creating Holistic Communities

Golden Home Realty's integrated lifestyle communities feature value-for-money homes within developments that offer a mix of residential, commercial, leisure & recreational activities. Designed to provide a holistic and rewarding lifestyle to its residents, the following set of golden standards are embedded at the core of all of its developments.

Exclusive, yet Inclusive Communities

Security does not only come from living in a gated community. It’s also about having a sense of belonging, and knowing your neighbors. With this in mind, we carefully design facilities and amenities that cater to different ages. And even to pets. We also ensure that ample spaces dedicated for social interaction are integrated in our developments — like weekend markets, or yoga sessions.

Enriching Environment

Our integrated lifestyle developments are designed to allow you and the community to flourish. Whether it be thru well-planned and value-for-money homes that provide your family enough room to grow, or thru a wide-array of amenities that offer a curated mix of activities and experiences that promote health, wellness, and play.

Essentially and Naturally Connected

We believe in finding the right balance between keeping-up with the demands of our fast-paced environment, and taking a step back to relax and be in tune with nature. So we carefully plan our communities to satisfy both of them — providing access to life’s essentials thru commercial and institutional features, while keeping natural landscapes and green spaces as an integral part of our developments.

Integrated Lifestyle Communities

Choose from our wide selection of value for money homes located in growth centers across the country.

Aspira Homes Norzagaray

Norzagaray, Bulacan

More details available soon.


Gen. Trias, Cavite

More details available soon.

Orovia Estates

Lipa, Batangas

More details available soon.