Holistic Approach to Improving Mind-Body Wellness

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In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining a balanced lifestyle is vital to one’s overall well-being. And as we bounce back from the pandemic, more and more people are realizing the value of ‘self-care’ and are searching for healthier environments where they can experience a better quality of life.

When the body, mind, and spirit are nurtured, it can make us happier, stronger mentally and physically, and provide us with a better outlook on life. When we forget to make time for taking care of ourselves, it can result in stress, anxiety, or even sickness.

Here are some beneficial holistic wellness practices as we try to change our lives for the better.


Regular Exercise & Proper Diet

Basketball Court - Periveo at Lipa, Batangas
Periveo Basketball Court (3D Perspective)

It’s so easy to put exercise and activity at the bottom of your long to-do list. But being active is one of the most important things you can do for good health and wellness accompanied by maintaining a healthy diet comprising the right balance of essential nutrition.

Going to the gym is one of the best investments you can make for your health. Regular exercise can improve blood circulation, tone muscles, and enhance flexibility. Living in a community where you can enjoy the perks of having fitness facilities is also a plus. Apart from saving on travel time, it’s easier to manage your schedule knowing you can hit the gym whenever you feel like it.

Moderate-to-vigorous exercises that you can squeeze are aerobic to increase your breathing and heart rate, strength where weights are being used to tone muscles, and balance exercises to avoid falls, as regular physical activities are proven to be beneficial for an increase in self-esteem, improved concentration, reductions in depressive symptoms, and improvements in sleep.

The good news is exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous all the time. Going for a leisurely walk, bike ride or soothing activities like stretching and yoga can also have huge benefits on your mind and body. Even doing housework like sweeping, gardening, mopping, or vacuuming can provide a mild workout.


Rest Deliberately

Mira House Model – Master Bedroom (3D Perspective)

Humans aren’t designed to run at a high level without having ample time for rest. Rest should equal restoration in the key areas of life which are physical, mental, emotional, sensory, creative, and spiritual rest.

Getting enough rest in a conducive and well-designed space increases our ability to combat stress and designing a stress-free bedroom helps give it an aura of comfort and relaxation. Painting the room using cool and subdued colors such as shades of blue, green, gray, and soft colors like blush and neutrals can instantly make a space feel more tranquil. While adding textures, lighting, and accent pieces can transform your place into a relaxing oasis. Just don’t overdo your interior design — remember that functional decors are the way to go.

Giving your body some time for respite and relaxation in an idyllic environment is essential to staying healthy as it can help you make better health choices. Proper health is all about making sure that the entire body is getting what it needs to work the way it was intended to.


Start a hobby

Periveo - Pet-friendly Community

Many people have turned to numerous activities to help cope with the pandemic. This has meant paying attention to who is within and around our homes – our human companions, furry companions, and also our green ones.

Indoor plants don’t just look good—they can also make us feel good. Studies have shown indoor plants can boost moods, product, concentration, and creativity. Numerous studies have demonstrated that the presence of greens and urban nature can improve people’s mental and physical health, property values in a neighborhood, and beyond. These also absorb toxins while producing oxygen, and are therapeutic to care for. For some, it was out of necessity to feed their families that they began digging in the soil again. For others, cultivating plants was a chance to interact with other living organisms and to be responsible for caring for them.

Speaking of the responsibility of having to take care of — nothing compares to the joy of coming home to a loyal companion. They can increase opportunities to exercise, get outside, and socialize.  Pets also provide companionship, enable owners to be nurturing, reduce anxiety, help you meet new people, and provide a sense of responsibility. They provide structure to every day. Having to feed, exercise and care for a pet can help you build a daily routine, which can help you feel more grounded and focused.


Quality Time with Loved Ones

Periveo - Ideal Community for Growing Families

Our mental health and personal well-being are interrelated in the quality of our relationships. Meaningful relationships and a sense of community are essential to our overall wellness. Relationships are often the glue that holds us together in times of adversity.

Spending time partaking in everyday family leisure activities such as playing a board game, watching television, gardening, or playing outdoors can bring the family closer together. Even just committing to being home for family dinner several nights a week or taking a 30-minute walk most evenings together can make a significant impact on family relationships in the long run.

Family time is the best investment you can make.


Practice Mindfulness

Periveo - Amenities - Amphitheater
Periveo Amphitheater (3d Perspective)

In today’s digitally obsessed world, it can be hard to disconnect. We just enjoy being occupied and entertained.  As much as there are tons of reasons to stay on the grid, there are many benefits as well to going offline and just being in the moment. Spending some time offline to safeguard your mental health is a good way to practice mindfulness where you focus on your body’s senses with an attitude of peace and acceptance.

With so much noise competing for our attention, taking a breather every day could make a drastic improvement in your lifestyle. Keeping your attention in the present is the world’s most useful and underrated skill. One way to live more in the present moment is by practicing mindfulness meditation. This helps people become aware and increase their concentration on what they are doing at any given time. Taking slow, regulated breaths helps to prevent feelings of panic or any other negative thoughts from taking over while allowing for more control during the activity engaged. These in turn help us to cultivate greater openness, creativity, connection, generosity, and resilience.

Lastly, a peaceful neighborhood with clean air, lush landscapes, abundant living space is the perfect environment to pursue a more holistic lifestyle. This is why more and more families are looking to move to cities outside the hustle and bustle of the metro. For example, demand for Premium House & Lots for Sale in Lipa, Batangas are on the rise as they offer a perfect blend of modern comforts and the countryside charm.


Periveo in Lipa Batangas by Golden Home Realty
Aerial View of Periveo in Lipa, Batangas (3D Perspective)