COVID-19 Relief for Masantol, Pampanga

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Golden Home Realty Covid-19 Relief in Masantol Pampanga

Golden Home Realty & Development Inc., together with its affiliates under the HG-III Group of Companies, donated sacks of rice to aid residents of Masantol, Pampanga affected by the ongoing COVID-19 Crisis.

Following the enhanced community quarantine, continuous access to basic food supplies has proved to be a challenge to those from the working class who are relying on day-to-day wages to provide for their families.

“This is our way of helping our hometown during this difficult time. As we look forward to better days, the most we can do at the moment is to show compassion thru small acts of kindness. Our company’s thrust of building life’s treasures goes beyond the communities we build. It also involves developing initiatives that promote the general welfare of our fellow country men, ” says Golden Home’s President, Ivan Howard Guintu.