Buyer's Guide

Your Golden Guide to Investing

6 Easy Buyer’s Steps

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to buy your Golden Home:

1. Project Presentation & Site Viewing

Have one of our authorized sales representatives or partner brokers present to you details of our project, available units, sample computations, and financing options. You may schedule a free site tripping to view our model units and community. Video presentations and virtual tours are also available to give you a preview of our project.

2. Reservation Application

When you have already chosen a preferred unit and payment scheme, you'll have to pay the reservation fee and submit the initial requirements to formalize your application.

3. Buyer's Briefing

Within 14 days from the date of reservation, you'll be invited to attend a seminar at our Makati Head Office. You'll also be asked to bring proof of income documents as a further qualification measure. Here, details of your application, will be discussed in depth. And you'll be walked thru the step-by-step process from reservation to move-in, be reminded of the complete documentary requirements that you'll need to comply, and be assisted with your housing loan application requirements.

4. Submission of Requirements & Downpayment

You must be able to submit all the necessary requirements within 30 days from the date of reservation. The requirements may vary depending on employment status (Locally Employed, Self-Employed, OFW, Seafarer).
Once complied, the monthly downpayments will follow and will fall on the due dates shown on your payment schedule.

5. Loan Take-out

For those who applied for a housing loan and have been given a Notice of Approval, you'll be asked to sign loan documents needed to finalize your home mortgage application, and for the amount being loaned to be released to the developer.

6. Turnover / Move-in

Upon construction completion, and provided that financial matters have been settled, your unit will be scheduled for turnover.
A site inspection will first be conducted to ensure you that your unit has been delivered as committed. Once accepted, you'll be asked to attend a move-in seminar orienting you on your responsibilities as a homeowner.