Advantages of Living in an Integrated Lifestyle Community

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A lot has to be considered when searching for an ideal home. While location and affordability remain to be key factors for buyers, preference for properties that allow more balanced lifestyles are on the rise. Having lived through lockdowns, people are now more open to leaving the hustle and bustle of the Metro for the more serene setting of the South.

Colliers Philippines notes that there was a continuous take-up for houses and lots and lot only projects outside Manila in 2021, like in Cavite and Batangas. Aligned with the completion of infrastructure projects across the nation, they anticipate property developers to further expand their land banking initiatives in emerging growth centers to keep up with the demand.

One such developer is Golden Home Realty Development Inc., a full-service real estate company focused on building Integrated Lifestyle Communities (ILC) – developments that integrate residential enclaves, leisure amenities, and commercial features in one address.

As they take pride in their approach to building a complete and exclusive community, here are the advantages of living in an Integrated Lifestyle Community and why it is the perfect property investment for those looking for holistic comfort.


More space to grow

The pandemic has highlighted the need for areas and house features that support various activities. The good thing is that homes in master-planned neighborhoods like an integrated lifestyle community have well-planned floor layouts with more spacious rooms.

Periveo - Amenities - Tree-lined Paths
Mira House Model Dressed-up Interior (3D Perspective)

Having a wide kitchen countertop, for example, is a dream area for those who have found a renewed interest in cooking and baking. More cabinets also help organize dishes, ingredients, and cookware.

Gardening is another hobby that many people have turned to as a stress-reliever. Having a garden and backyard is a huge advantage for plant enthusiasts as they have more space to nurture their greens.

With the viability of remote working, having an area for a work-from-home set-up is also a must-have. Virtual meetings thru applications like Zoom is a trend that is here to stay. And having flexible living spaces allow one to adapt and thrive in the post-pandemic world.


Walkable & secure neighborhood

Wide roads and tree-lined paths that connect the residences and amenities in an Integrated Lifestyle Community encourage biking, walking, or strolling. More trees provide shade, help maintain a cooler climate, and improve air quality.

Periveo - Amenities - Tree-lined Paths
Periveo Leisure Hub Tree-lined Path (3D Perspective)

With round-the-clock security, perimeter fences, and gated RFID access, residents are given the peace of mind they need knowing they can move around freely within a safe and exclusive environment.


Parks, open spaces, and recreational amenities

The two-year quarantine experience has exposed the limitations of living in congested urban areas. This has led families, retirees, and investors to search for properties with an idyllic setting and resort-type vibe.

Master-planned to cater to these needs, Integrated Lifestyle Communities dedicate half of its development to parks, open spaces, and amenities – making it a perfect sanctuary for leisure and retreat.

Periveo - Leisure Hub - 1 Hectare Central Amenity Area
Periveo Leisure Hub – Aerial View (3D Perspective)

Landscaped common areas and courtyards provide a perfect window for social interaction. While bigger venues like an outdoor amphitheater for seasonal events, like Easter festivities and Christmas shows, can foster a sense of community.

Access to a wide range of amenities like swimming pools, basketball court, fitness gym, playground, and game area allows residents to advocate healthy and active lifestyles. Given the variety of recreational options, residents will never run out of fun.


Next-door access to essentials

A well-planned community like an ILC brings forth everything a step away from the doorstep. Shopping centers, grocery stores, food hubs, and coffee shops are within reach. With time now considered a luxury, having commercial areas and retail spots within the community are lifesavers, especially for those who can’t let go of their comfort. Having these commercial establishments saves time and energy from doing business outside. As these also minimize the residents’ exposure to risks.

Periveo - Future Commercial Area
Periveo Entrance and Future Commercial Area (3D Perspective)

Added features like e-shuttles transport systems within the development also further enhance mobility, and help minimize carbon footprint.


High potential capital appreciation

There is an undeniable fact that Real Estate is one of the safest investments that is proven to appreciate over time. With numerous infrastructure projects being developed outside Metro Manila, new growth areas have emerged and have seen increased land values. Provinces in Southern Luzon have become more progressive locations that provide a good mix of both urban and countryside living, serving as a leading investment hub because of their economic growth and development.

According to Colliers, the demand for integrated communities—having houses, workplaces, malls establishments, and commercial facilities within a community—meet the property investors’ need for mobility and convenience. Aside from that, property experts say that aspiring homeowners prefer mixed-used developments that are convenient to them where they can easily get what they need just by stepping out of their homes.

Periveo House Models
Periveo House Models (3D Perspective)

That is why as we strive to achieve a better normal, choosing a life that advocates for holistic comfort and wellness are imperative. And living in an integrated community offers tons of perks and advantages. With the accessibility to all the essentials, walkable neighborhoods, multi-faceted activities to perform, and space to grow, an ILC like Periveo is a development worth watching out for.

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