A Commitment to Building Life’s Treasures

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Golden Home Realty Development Inc. unveils its new company slogan, entitled “Building Life’s Treasures,” which represents its commitment to building integrated lifestyle communities that promote a holistic and enriched living experience.

By venturing into master-planned developments that offer a carefully curated mix of activities and experiences — through a wide selection of spacious and value-for-money homes that allow families and individuals to grow; generous open spaces and lush greenery; a wide-array of amenities that promote recreation and wellness; and integrated lifestyle features that bring people together and ensure utmost convenience — Golden Home residents can discover a more rewarding and fulfilling way of living.

“As a developer and builder, we are able to save on construction costs and optimize our clients’ investments. Thus, we are able to give more,” says Golden Home Development Inc. President, Ivan Howard Guintu.

The new slogan, also sees all its stakeholders as co-creators in adding value to its communities.

“We believe in an inside-out approach. That by taking care of our people and fostering a culture of belonging, they will also do the same for the communities we serve,” Howard further adds.