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5 Reasons to Buy a Home in the Periveo Development

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It’s easy to fall in love with a city as charming as Lipa. Lipa City is located in a valley between Malarayat and Makulot in the Province of Batangas, Lipa City entices you with its cool climate, dynamic economy, and overall laid-back atmosphere. Tucked away in the city’s south is Periveo, a 42-hectare premium property development by Golden Home Realty Development that incorporates modernity into the serene rural lifestyle.

At Periveo, homeowners get a taste of idyllic countryside living with a dash of contemporary flair. Aside from its tastefully designed enclaves, Periveo offers a pedestrian-friendly layout, well-appointed recreational facilities, and stunning mountain views that can make coming home feel like a vacation.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the reasons why investing in a Periveo premium house and lot for sale in Lipa, Batangas, is the best move for property hunters in the South.

Convenient Location

Periveo is located along Lipa-Ibaan Road in the southern part of the city. Despite being hidden from the hustle and bustle of the province’s largest city, Periveo is strategically placed near various places of interest. Shopping centers such as Robinsons Lipa, SM City Lipa, and S&R Membership shopping are all within 10 kilometers of the development. Also located nearby are two private hospitals, three churches, two golf courses, and four top-caliber schools. Besides all that, Metro Manila is only a 2-hour drive away.

There are also plans to open a retail and commercial hub within the community to make things even more convenient for residents. The two-hectare strip known as The District will allow residents to secure their needs even within the safety of their community. The District will have a designated terminal for e-shuttles that transport residents from the hub to various areas in the development and vice versa.

periveo map

Walkable and Sustainable Neighborhood

Another reason why you may want to consider Periveo for your next home is its environmentally friendly neighborhood design. The developer has ensured that respect for nature is ingrained into the development’s DNA, and Periveo thus encourages residents to partake in a healthy, well-balanced, and sustainable lifestyle.

Because Periveo is also a low-density community, each hectare is limited to 26 lots to give residents ample privacy and space for movement. In addition, Periveo is rich in open spaces and pocket parks that encourage residents to take in the fresh air and lush greenery. As a walkable neighborhood, Periveo also makes sure that getting around doesn’t have to be a hassle. The community has an abundance of wide, tree-lined roads and pathways designed for walking, jogging, and cycling. Its streets and park lights are also powered by solar energy to ensure the utmost energy efficiency.

Periveo Aerial View

Resort-Style Ambiance and Amenities

Periveo boasts a resort-like atmosphere that brings people together and makes living conducive to relaxation. Residents are free to gather at the development’s one-hectare leisure hub, which is fitted with a trellis walkway and a hanging garden bridge to imbue a natural feel to the place. The leisure hub also has two parking lots and strategically placed drop-off areas for residents and their guests.

The centralized lifestyle center includes a clubhouse, indoor and outdoor event spaces, a children’s playground, and a bathhouse. The hub is also perfect for sports and recreation enthusiasts, thanks to the presence of facilities such as a basketball court, a swimming pool, a game room, a fitness gym, and a children’s playroom. If you want to spend an afternoon strolling or having a snack outside in the cool weather, you can drop by the hub’s picnic grounds and al fresco dining areas.

Periveo Leisure Hub

Stylish Contemporary Homes

Residents and visitors stepping into the Periveo neighborhood are welcomed by a breathtaking sculpture by renowned multimedia artist Toym De Leon. Apart from symbolizing unique Filipino values and enduring hope, the ‘Tuloy Tuloy’ infinity sculpture also exhibits Periveo’s emphasis on artistry.

Periveo homes evoke timeless sophistication by combining natural elements and design principles for maximizing space and efficiency. Periveo’s residential properties feature Zen-inspired architecture that is highlighted by the use of metal and wood and by the houses’ high floor-to-ceiling clearance, spacious rooms, and large windows to ensure the permeation of natural light and fresh air into the indoors. The high ceiling-to-roof clearance especially allows homeowners to enjoy adequate insulation and ventilation during harsh weather conditions.

Periveo Actual Model Houses

Tight Security

Periveo is a gated community that prioritizes the safety and security of its residents. Despite having large amounts of space, the Periveo neighborhood secures all its boundaries and subdivisions with perimeter fencing. The neighborhood’s three-layer security system also requires RFID access when entering The District as well as all enclaves and residential areas.

Periveo’s three-layer security system

Balancing Comfort, Safety, Nature, and Style

The name ‘Periveo’ originates from two Greek and Spanish words that, when taken together, mean ‘all near and within view’. Indeed, living in Periveo means having all that makes up a good life within reach. More than just a postcard-worthy place, Periveo highlights the importance of community and living in harmony with the environment. And even with this focus on leisure and social interaction, Periveo’s developers know that security and reliability don’t have to take a back seat.

If you’re still vetting your options for your next sanctuary in the South, you should see for yourself why a Periveo home is sure to hit all the right spots.

Periveo Panoramic Frontage