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5 Factors to Take into Consideration When Purchasing a Vacation Home

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Purchasing a vacation home in the Philippines is a great idea if you want to have a place where you can come back and unwind whenever you feel like it. In addition to serving as a place of rest for you and your family, a second home can also be a smart investment. For one, choosing to stay in your vacation home for the holiday means you no longer have to spend money on hotels and resorts just to enjoy a short change of scenery. For another, you have the option of renting out your holiday home to others whenever you’re not using it, allowing you to generate passive income.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a holiday home, here are some of the practical considerations you should think about:

Location, Location, Location

First and foremost, you need to have a clear idea of where you want your new property to be located. For example, if you live in a big city, perhaps you want to buy a holiday home that’s a short distance away from the city’s heart. While you likely want to enjoy a different kind of atmosphere during your vacations, you’ll still want your holiday home to be close enough to your primary residence. This way, you can check in on the property now and then and spend weekends there without thinking too much about the traffic or spending money on airfare. A vacation home that’s near major thoroughfares is also a good choice, as it’s easy to get to and often just a short drive away from various establishments and places of interest.

Metro Manila residents, for example, would do well to check Golden Home Realty Development’s premium house and lot for sale in Lipa, Batangas if they want an accessible home that offers a different vibe from their primary address. Depending on traffic conditions, it’s possible to reach the City of Lipa in under 2 hours if driving from the metro, plus a home here can also serve as a convenient starting point for a tour of the famed beaches and diving spots in Batangas. Aside from Batangas, the provinces of Cavite, Rizal, and Bulacan are also accessible options for individuals and families who are based in Metro Manila.

Existing Facilities and Infrastructure

No one wants to deal with power outages, water loss, poor internet connection, or unreliable garbage collection systems. This is true no matter if you’re at home or spending a leisurely holiday with your family and friends. Before purchasing a property, then, make sure that the area is not prone to losing water supply or electricity and that its internet connection, among other services, is quite reliable. In any case, it’s worth checking if the neighborhood has a water storage facility, solar-powered street lights, an efficient garbage collection system, and its own materials recovery facility. The presence of these facilities is a good sign that the residential development can expect reliable services even if there are supply interruptions or natural calamities.


The Neighborhood around the Property

Just like in your primary residence, it’s highly likely that your experiences in your vacation home will be influenced by the type of neighborhood that your property is in. If your second home is in a crowded area where houses are right next to each other, then there’s a good chance that you’ll be privy to the lives of your holiday neighbors when all you want to do is enjoy your me-time. A home in a low-density premium neighborhood, on the other hand, will provide you with a peaceful atmosphere and a bit of space for merrymaking without necessarily disturbing your neighbors.

Also, some neighborhoods can be safer than others. Safety and security can be significant concerns if you are not always able to check on your second home and if you’re planning to rent it out to others in your absence. In this case, it’s best to buy a home in a quiet community for your peace of mind. Golden Home Realty Development’s Periveo premium leisure community in Lipa, for example, employs multiple layers of security to ensure the safety of its residents and guests.

Nearby Places of Interest

What places can you visit near your holiday home, and will you visit these spots more than once? You’ll be able to maximize the value of the property as a holiday home if it’s located near popular types of tourist destinations such as beaches, parks, gardens, hiking spots, diving centers, lifestyle hubs, or sporting venues. On your down days, you can explore these areas with your friends or family and see and experience something new every time you visit. Such opportunities for leisure will make your time in your holiday home twice as much fun.

The Possibility of Needing Caretakers

People who live busy lifestyles often don’t have a lot of free time to check on their second homes. If this applies to you, how are you going to ensure that your holiday home will stay in tip-top condition and be ready to accommodate guests at a moment’s notice? This is a practical concern, especially if you’re going to rent out the property to other people. Having a caretaker to watch over the area and welcome guests can be a worthwhile option if you can’t visit your holiday home as frequently as you’d like. In this case, providing the caretaker with a room that will serve as their living quarters will be a practical option for both parties.

Buying a second home is a significant project, one that will require a lot of financial resources. It only makes sense to carefully consider this decision and evaluate the property you are thinking of adding to your list of assets. Remember the items on this list so you can thoroughly check out the important aspects of the property you are planning to buy.