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We believe that homeownership should enrich people’s lives.
That’s why we are committed to building developments where
people can live harmonious integrated lifestyles.

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We Know That Homeowners Deserve the Best

A home should be more than just a place to rest—it should also help you and your family build healthy and meaningful lives. Moreover, because homeownership is a lifetime commitment, it should be a thoroughly rewarding experience.

For homeownership to be enriching and meaningful, however, your home should be more than just a house with four walls and a roof. It has to be part of a community that empowers its members to live their very best.

To this end, we have gone well beyond merely designing beautiful and restful homes. We build ecologically conscious master-planned communities that offer homeowners and their families comfortable yet dynamic living spaces where they could thrive, create cherished memories, and live enriched lives.

We Create Premium Built Environments That Sustain Modern Lifestyles

We are committed to creating sustainable communities that cater to the continuously changing needs of Filipinos. We’ve integrated a variety of contemporary practices in community planning and design to give residents a greener, cleaner, and more mobile living experience,  ensuring they live more comfortable, elevated, and thoroughly modern lifestyles.

We Are Backed By Experience and a Tradition of Excellence


Golden Home Realty Development Inc. is an affiliate of HG-III Construction & Development Corp., a Philippine Contractors Accreditation Board (PCAB) Triple A contractor qualified to undertake a broader and more complex range of construction projects, which also takes pride in its highly trained, qualified, and practiced engineers, professionals, and staff from different fields of expertise in engineering.

This gives us the qualifications to undertake complex projects and allows us to give our clients more for their investments.

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Lipa, Batangas


Periveo is a 42-hectare Premium Leisure Community in Lipa, Batangas by Golden Home Realty Development Inc. Designed to provide holistic comfort this master-planned development will offer modern contemporary homes with generous living spaces, a wide array of resort-style amenities, and future commercial features all surrounded by nature.



What makes Periveo Special?

Serene Community

Come home to a neighborhood embraced by nature and breathtaking mountain views.

Periveo has dedicated fifty percent of its entire development to verdant open spaces, pocket parks, and resort-style amenities – making it a perfect setting for relaxation and respite.

Located in the south district of Lipa, Batangas, this premium leisure community is near the city’s attractions and conveniences but tucked away from its hustle and bustle.

Resort-style Living

Encouraging residents to pursue a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle is a one-hectare leisure hub that will provide residents with a wide range of resort-type amenities for sports and recreation, as well as a venue for social interaction.

Another outdoor feature is the putting greens, a unique amenity that can bring family and friends together.

Premium in Design

Periveo, a premium house and lot for sale in Lipa, Batangas, boasts of a 120-meter wide frontage that features a world-class infinity sculpture by renowned and award-winning artist, sculptor, and set designer Toym de Leon Imao – providing a warm and grand welcome to the public.

A low-density community where each house & lot comes with at least four bedrooms and a two-car garage. Well-planned floor layouts also clearly define areas for living, dining, & cooking. With two hectares of future retail and commercial facilities to be integrated within the development, residents can enjoy ready and easy access to essentials.

Why Should You Buy a Home in the Philippines?

Whether you’re a local, an overseas Filipino, or an expat, buying a home in the Philippines not only gives you a place to live, but it is also potentially a great investment as well. In particular, purchasing a home from a reputable developer such as Golden Home Realty can pay dividends in the near future.

Here are some reasons to consider investing in homes in the Philippines:

Real Estate Can Be Used in Different Ways.

While the main purpose of a home is to provide people with a safe place to live in, more and more people are choosing to build their careers around them—no matter if the resident is a home-based visual artist, an online therapist, or a founder of a tech startup. Indeed, having your own house gives you the freedom to do anything you need.

Philippine Property Values are Likely to Appreciate.

The long-term prospects for the Philippine economy are bright, and the real estate market is projected to continue its growth in the foreseeable future. This means that in the next several years, your home may become worth substantially more than what you initially paid. This becomes even more true when you purchase properties from a well-regarded developer like Golden Home Realty, as your house is likely to retain more of its value over the next several decades.

Homes Are a Safe Investment.

While no market is totally predictable, real estate investments are among the safest, particularly in the Philippines. Compared to other assets, high-quality houses can be sold relatively quickly to provide immediate liquidity should the homeowner desire it. Even in the unlikely case of a real estate market downturn, houses will also continue to provide basic benefits to homeowners and other inhabitants.

Philippine Property Financing is Flexible.

It’s a good time to purchase a home in the Philippines. The wide availability of financing options often means that prospective owners are now more able to afford premium detached homes compared to just a few years ago.

Why should you choose Golden Home Realty?


We don’t just build comfortable homes. We go above and beyond in planning communities to give residents modern and fulfilling lifestyles.

As an affiliate of HG-III Construction and Development Corp., a Triple-A contractor, Golden Home Realty Development, Inc. comprises individuals who have had extensive experience with major construction projects, including housing projects, seaports, waterlines, and other facilities.

Our experience in building specialized infrastructure gives us unique advantages and insights into residential development planning. More than just a collection of houses, Golden Home Realty’s properties are thoughtfully developed to give discerning Filipino homeowners premium communities to live in.

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What Sets Golden Home Realty Developments Apart from Other Developments?

Golden Home Realty is uniquely positioned to develop premium low-density residential communities. With our history of undertaking major construction projects as an affiliate of a Triple-A contractor, we fully appreciate the need for houses to be part of a wider cohesive system that takes the environment and the larger urban landscape into account. This nuanced understanding makes Golden Home Realty’s premium housing developments a cut above the rest.

Every aspect of Golden Home Realty projects is planned down to the last detail, from the location of each community to the available open space for each resident. Shared amenities and facilities are also specifically selected to provide modern and thoroughly fulfilling lifestyles for all residents.

What Is Golden Home Realty’s Newest Property Development? 

Periveo is Golden Home Realty’s latest and most ambitious premium low-density housing development to date.

Located just a 90-minute drive away from Metro Manila in the cool highlands of Batangas, Periveo offers resort-style amenities and modern comforts not found anywhere else. Each detail of this community has been thoughtfully considered to ensure that residents will enjoy a relaxed and restful atmosphere.

What Are the Elements of a Premium Residential Development in the Philippines?


Premium residential developments in the Philippines go beyond simply offering a home. They offer a higher standard of living and provide access to well-thought-out amenities and services within the entirety of the community.

Some notable features of premium residences in the Philippines include the following:

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Feature-filled Residence
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Next Door Access to Essentials
Excitement of Life
The Great Outdoors
Dining Room
Elegant Room

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